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Can Property Pay Your Wages?


It’s an apt question that many people ask themselves.  In these times of booming property prices and soaring buy to let rents it’s no wonder so many people have opted to invest in bricks and mortar over volatile stocks and shares.

So when IWC (the makers of Kirsty and Phil’s Location, Location, Location) approached me to be a property consultant for the show they were making “Can Property Pay Your Wages?” for Channel 4, I said “Yes”.

As walking proof that property can pay my wages (yes, you really can ditch the day job if you follow the Rules) I was excited to be involved in a show that seeks to find out if property really can pay your wages.

In my humble opinion, you just need to follow some key rules and understand this is a business, not a hobby.

The first show airs tonight – Channel 4 at 8pm.  Due to contractual obligations I’m unable to comment, so you’ll have to watch it and let me know your feedback.

What I can tell you is that Dave Fishwick (he of Bank of Dave fame) is going to step in to help ordinary folks try and make the same amount of money from property as they would from their 9-5 jobs in the same period.  Of course, the people will need to work hard and follow his advice…which as we know, from the halcyon “Property Ladder” Sarah Beeny days, is easier said than done.

Given Dave is an investor and former builder himself, he’ll be offering up tricks of the trade and pointing out the pitfalls of developing to would-be developers as they find out if property really can pay their wages.

In the episode aired tonight, Dave will meet Dee Lazzerini and Steve Woodford, who have put their life savings on a place in Poole, and Sam and Elise in Winchester.

I’ll also be watching with interest to see if anybody took on board my property advice!

  1. Charly on Property

    London housing prices have been rising more “than they should!”. It as a fact that landlords and property owners could earn more from they real estate possessions rather than a middle class salary! Precisely because of this phenomenon we have witnessed events like The March for Homes! The middle class is slowly being forced out of London to the suburbs and considering the fact that most are renters there is no other way but to rebel. I myself am a renter and if real estate prices were not sky high I would buy my own home..

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