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Confessions Of A Property Developer: The 10 Most Popular Articles Of 2014

17 Dec

merry xmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers!!

2014 has been another great year for What Sam Saw Today!

I would like to thank all of my readers and followers who have taken the time to read my blog, post comments and email me.  Your contributions mean the world to me and I really appreciate all your support and feedback.  I’m also really grateful to those of you who read my property auction book and property investment rules.  And if you haven’t yet – there’s still time to order from Amazon! (more…)

5 Christmas Cracking Auction Properties You Will Want To Stuff Your Stocking With!

10 Dec

Christmas may be around the corner, but that’s no excuse not to be in the property auction rooms.  December is a mammothly busy month – and a fabulous time of year to buy.

Here’s my Festive Five:

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. . . 

surrey church

St Mary’s Church, Old Compton Lane, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8EG

Guide price: £250,000 (more…)

AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! This Is What It Is REALLY Like To Start A Start-Up

5 Dec


OMG I swear to God I cannot believe how *intensely stressful* life has become.

What I have had to learn about server configurations, GitLab and code repository management in the past few months has blown my brains.  Literally.

And that’s just the icing.  I could turn you on with loads of other sexy stuff I bet you want to know about – such as Drupal nodes and Javascript bumpf, but I don’t think that’s the reason why you’re here.

To be honest, it’s not actually the reason why I’m here either.  Or even the reason why I started this project.  I am not a coder nor a developer, nor do I have any inkling at all about how a computer works.  In my world you just press a button and it turns on.  Press a few more buttons and a few more things happen.  Then when you’re done, you press another button and it turns off.

And that’s how all this crazy journey started.

It started with a “Wouldn’t it be cool if….” (more…)

How To Increase The Rent And Still Keep Good Tenants

3 Dec

scared face

“I’m sorry, we need to talk about the rent”

Was my opening line to the tenant.

And I meant it.

Having owned the property for several years, even I was shocked by the 25% increase in the rental market in the last year.  Which equates to a three-digit sum.  But then, this is London – where prices can and do skyrocket overnight.

But businesses are not built overnight and good customer relationships take years to build. (more…)