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Why Garages Are The Hot New Property Development Kids On The Block

26 Nov

Long gone are the days when garages were where you parked your car.  Over-flowing full of stuff you probably didn’t even know you owned, London garages are a golden ticket for many vendors – and for some creative buyers – a lottery ticket to property development riches.  Forget about the streets being paved with gold – it’s driveways and garages which are the big winners nowadays!

Garages for sale in London are big business.  The prices paid for these scraps of land and corrugated iron may be jaw dropping – but, for those in the know – garage property development is where the BIG money’s at. (more…)

7 Decidedly Different Homes Under The Hammer

19 Nov

1. Grand Designs Water Tower


Cox’s Water Tower, Cox’s Hill, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1HH

Guide Price: £125,000 – £150,000

If you’ve ever got McCloud envy, then here’s your chance for your very own ‘Grand Designs’ type development opportunity.  This Grade II listed four storey former water tower comes with planning permission for conversion to one dwelling and the erection of two further detached dwellings.  Understood to date from 1897-1898 by Henry Riley and built to a hexagonal plan in red brick with yellow brick panels, the tower occupies a one acre site located in Summer Hill, a much sought after area of Gainsborough.


The Power Of Positive Property Thinking

12 Nov

Glass_half_full_kind_of_dayToday I am sharing with you a completely different post, to the post I was originally going to share with you.

And which I was *almost* ready to hit the publish button on.

Then I read it back.  I had a cup of tea and I thought to myself: “Really?”

The reason being, the post I was going to share was about my landlord week from hell.  It was, I thought to myself – a warning – that if you thought property investment was easy or passive – here is the reality check. (more…)

Want To Know A Secret?

5 Nov

sweetie_belle___squee__by_martybpix-d4piscrI think I may *burst*.

Like, seriously.

I am so full of excitement, happiness and hope I daren’t touch anything sharp.

I just may well pop!

And I really hope you will share in my excitement.

I’ve been working on a secret squirrel project for yonks – and it’s a *thing* which loads of you have asked me about over the years.

It’s a *thing* which I always wanted to give you.  To share with you.  So you could join with me on a great new adventure. (more…)