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Would YOU Spend The Night In This Creepy House?

Picture the scene…

You’re on holiday in Scotland.  You’re in an old graveyard and you see a burnt out house next door.

Would you dare enter?

Glebe House copy

WSST intrepid blog reader Jools did (@cardifflandlord) and it’s to him, I owe a massive thanks for sharing his Spooktacular story and photos.  And what hauntingly good timing given it’s Halloween today!!

* * * * *

I was in the graveyard taking some photos when I looked up and saw a burned out house.  I followed the path around the back and found the old Manse. It was completely open.

Glebe House-8

I couldn’t resist.

I’m an ex-rugby playing 18 stone bloke, but this place gave me the shivers!  I had a big torch and an even larger tripod and whistled the ‘scared boys whistle’ to pre-warn anything in there!!

This is what Jools found:

glebe (2)

Glebe House, Peathill, Rosehearty was built in the early 1700’s.  It’s the birthplace of Hugh Mercer, who is a Hero of the American Revolution and has the county of Mercer County, New Jersey named after him (it’s where Princeton Uni is).  Glebe House has been a Manse and also a home for members of the Polish free army after the war.  It’s Grade B listed and is currently on the “at risk” register.

old lock

It’s a huge place – outside there is a walled garden of approx two acres with stables, steadings and outbuildings.

old lock-5

Inside, there’s approx. 3 reception rooms, 10 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 pantrys, a milk store, a wash room and attic spaces.

Glebe House-3

It’s VERY creepy.  The wallpaper rustles with the wind, pigeons are roosting and there’s creaky doors and floors.

Glebe House-6

Even though it was bright and sunny it gave me the willies!

old lock-6

Glebe House-2

I was expecting to go into one of the bedrooms and find a baby’s cradle rocking on its own or a football bouncing down the stairs…

old lock-7

I wanted to go to the top floor, but the structure was too unsafe and I wanted a quick and clear exit if needs be…I didn’t fancy spending the night in this creepy house!

Glebe House-5

old lock-9

Jools was too creeped out to spend the night….

But what about you?

Would YOU spend the night in this creepy house?

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