It’s The “Easy” Buy To Let Property Completion Day

27 Jun

So today is THE day: It’s sale completion day.

The property I bought before auction as part of my experiment: Is there any such thing as an “easy” buy to let? completes today.

Within the next few hours I’ll get a call from my solicitor that funds have been transferred and I can go and collect the keys.

And so then the fun commences…because this ain’t going to be “easy”.

Despite NO market evidence to the contrary, the surveyor has down-valued the property which means I start the project with my contingency budget as my renovation budget.

And that is not the best start to any refurbishment project!

So like all the best-laid plans, my original plans have gone to pot.  I don’t have the budget to do what I planned to do – and so when I get the keys I’ll be cursing under my breath at the surveyor re-thinking how to get the most for less from the property!

Admittedly, this is the first time I’ve ever tried to do a renovation just with a contingency budget and added to that I’m up against it time-wise due to other commitments and my target market (families) about to go on their summer holidays.

The journey should be interesting…I’ll keep you updated!

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