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How Just TWO Minutes Desk Research Saves You Time When Buying Property

So there I was all excited to have spotted a two bed end of terrace property in Tooting, London.  It had a guide of just £260k, and while I knew it would go for more than guide, I thought there could be room for a bit of profit.

cheap property

I’ve been to Tooting a few times, but I’m not so au fait with the streets so the first thing I did was to load up google maps to check the exact location.

Yes, I saw it was close to transport links, lots of amenities and green open spaces…albeit even if some of those were cemeteries!!

I was pleasantly reminded to see how the area bounded onto some “better” areas.

And then I pulled the little yellow google man so I could see the streetview.


Where I thought I was about to see a street full of charming, period houses – directly opposite the property was:  National Grid Wimbledon.

national grid wimbledon

So do yourself a favour – next time you’ve seen a property you’re interested in viewing – make sure you google streetview it first!

  1. A weekend home

    Love your blog. I feel your pain, my sister and I were very excited about an apartment in Melbourne Aus only to see at the open house that it was in the shade of an oil refinery. Literally shaded by the pylons! We google earth now too.

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