How Just TWO Minutes Desk Research Saves You Time When Buying Property

19 Jun

So there I was all excited to have spotted a two bed end of terrace property in Tooting, London.  It had a guide of just £260k, and while I knew it would go for more than guide, I thought there could be room for a bit of profit.

cheap property

I’ve been to Tooting a few times, but I’m not so au fait with the streets so the first thing I did was to load up google maps to check the exact location.

Yes, I saw it was close to transport links, lots of amenities and green open spaces…albeit even if some of those were cemeteries!!

I was pleasantly reminded to see how the area bounded onto some “better” areas.

And then I pulled the little yellow google man so I could see the streetview.


Where I thought I was about to see a street full of charming, period houses – directly opposite the property was:  National Grid Wimbledon.

national grid wimbledon

So do yourself a favour – next time you’ve seen a property you’re interested in viewing – make sure you google streetview it first!

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