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The Easy Buy To Let Property Experiment: Renovation Kick Off

29 Jun

Is there any such thing as an “easy” buy to let?

That’s the question which prompted the purchase of the latest property (video tour here)

Perhaps I was premature in that question.  I think the first question I should have asked was: Is there any such thing as an easy property renovation?

The answer to that question if you have unlimited time and money is yes; yes property renovation when you can throw lots of money and time at a project is very easy.  But when you’re trying to do a renovation in the real world with actual budgets and strict time schedules it gets much, much harder. (more…)

It’s The “Easy” Buy To Let Property Completion Day

27 Jun

So today is THE day: It’s sale completion day.

The property I bought before auction as part of my experiment: Is there any such thing as an “easy” buy to let? completes today.

Within the next few hours I’ll get a call from my solicitor that funds have been transferred and I can go and collect the keys.

And so then the fun commences…because this ain’t going to be “easy”. (more…)

5 Surf Inspired Property Investment Tips

24 Jun

surfing tips

I may be at Surf camp this week – but that doesn’t mean I can’t “pop-up” to share some property investment tips – surf style!

Watch the waves

Be aware of the changing market conditions around you and adapt as necessary.  HMO’s may be fashionable now – but what about when market conditions change?  Be alert to the waves of change rippling all around you. (more…)

How Just TWO Minutes Desk Research Saves You Time When Buying Property

19 Jun

So there I was all excited to have spotted a two bed end of terrace property in Tooting, London.  It had a guide of just £260k, and while I knew it would go for more than guide, I thought there could be room for a bit of profit.

cheap property

I’ve been to Tooting a few times, but I’m not so au fait with the streets so the first thing I did was to load up google maps to check the exact location. (more…)

There Is NO Such Thing As An Easy Buy To Let: It’s Now A SuperScrimpers Challenge!

17 Jun

When I pondered: Is there any such thing as an “easy” buy to letI did know it wasn’t going to be so “easy”.  However, what I hadn’t planned for was quite how early it would become not easy!

So what’s the story?

Well, as I plan to own this property for quite some time, I decided that I would purchase the property with a buy to let mortgage.  Now, I know a lot of people think you can’t buy a property at auction with a mortgage – but if you’re organised you can turn it around in time.  I have no idea why the media are reporting 10 week waits for valuations when mine was done in just a couple of days.

So happily the paperwork’s in, the valuation has been done and I sit here now with a mortgage offer in my hands.  That took like a few days – maybe 2 weeks tops from application to offer.

But you know there’s a sting in the tale…

easy buy to let (more…)