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YIPPEEE!!!! I’ve Just Bought A Property PRIOR To Auction!!!!

At last after months of searching, being outbid and going round in complete and utter circles I have finally managed to buy a new property!!

And, unlike all my other property buys, I have finally managed to secure this property BEFORE it went to auction!

I will not deny the last couple of days have been fraught, negotiations have been sticky and first thing this morning I’d thought this definitely wasn’t going to happen and so booked myself a holiday instead…

As Sods Law is a common feature in my life, just as I am waiting for the payment page to load the phone rings and it’s T from Auction House London: “Yes, Sam – we’re good to go.  Can you send over the 10% please?” 

And those few little words set off a chain reaction which has seen the phone super-glued to my ear all day.

I will share more details with you at a later date and my thinking behind the latest property purchase and we’ll see how I get on.

Oh – and yes, in case you wondered the payment page did load and I did book a holiday today as well!

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