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13 Random Things You (Probably) Never Knew About Moscow

 1. Moscow gets really, really hot

moscow is hot

2.  Muscovite women wear the sexiest, uber cool shoes EVER!!!

hot shoes

3.  Moscow is even more expensive than what you thought it would be.

Russian rouble

4. The roads are so big you need to use the underpass to cross (unless you have a death-wish).

moscow underpass

5. Some Muscovite cars start by themselves

car start by self

6. Meals in Moscow are a gastronomic delight

moscow food

7. Moscow has so MANY posh shops

posh moscow shop

8.  The metro is marvellous

Moscow metro

9. It costs several pennies to spend a penny (although you can buy a weekly pass!)

moscow toilet

10. Moscow feels very safe

moscow security

11. Bolshoi means ‘big’ and Moscow’s buildings are BIG!

big building moscow

12. The streets are jam packed with period buildings

period buildings moscow

13. A visit to Moscow really should be on your bucket-list ASAP!

I love Moscow


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