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Sick Of Crazy House Prices? How About A Narrow Boat Instead!

Little Venice in Maida Vale, London does house porn exceedingly well.  Beautiful grand stucco houses fill the tree lined streets and exude wealth.  But, if you want to live in this part of town – you do need wealth on a grand scale!

little venice londonlittle venice londonlittle venice london

At Little Venice’s heart, is the Grand Union Canal; an idyllic and picturesque waterway which douses the area in a charming tranquillity.

little venice londonlittle venice londonlittle venice london

And gives those of us, who don’t have bucket loads of dosh, a chance to live the high life for a fraction of the price: on board a narrow boat.

But what is life like aboard a narrow boat?

Actually, surprisingly cosy and deliciously tempting.  Once you’ve got your head around the fact your floorplan has more in common with a supersized ruler and the layout’s been designed according to, what is in essence one long floating corridor, you’ll feel delightfully at home.

Which is how I felt aboard this narrow boat – where Mr & Mrs V live.

Entering into the narrow boat you come into the kitchen, which then leads into a dining area (which also doubles up as an additional sleeping area):

iphone 2014-05-03 077 iphone 2014-05-03 073 living in a narrowboat

A small corridor with a door off, leads to the bathroom, a bedroom, the lounge and a small outside area:

iphone 2014-05-03 069 iphone 2014-05-03 067 life on narrowboat

And while life on board a narrow boat may cost less (you can pick up boats needing refurbishment for under £5,000 with £25,000 affording you a wide choice of ready-to-go boats) it doesn’t mean you have to live any less.  All the stuff you take for granted in a usual property (e.g. gas central heating) are here in abundance in the narrow boat life.

Plus there’s plenty of potential to make your narrow boat your own – as these examples show:

And the added bonus of living on a narrow boat?

If you get bored of an area, you’re already on-board for pastures new!

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