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YIPPEEE!!!! I’ve Just Bought A Property PRIOR To Auction!!!!

30 May

At last after months of searching, being outbid and going round in complete and utter circles I have finally managed to buy a new property!!

And, unlike all my other property buys, I have finally managed to secure this property BEFORE it went to auction!

I will not deny the last couple of days have been fraught, negotiations have been sticky and first thing this morning I’d thought this definitely wasn’t going to happen and so booked myself a holiday instead…

As Sods Law is a common feature in my life, just as I am waiting for the payment page to load the phone rings and it’s T from Auction House London: “Yes, Sam – we’re good to go.  Can you send over the 10% please?”  (more…)

Why Nobody Really Cares About Your Buy-To-Let

29 May


I know you think your property investment is the most important thing in the world.

And it maybe.  To You.

Because only YOU really care about your buy-to-let investment.

It doesn’t matter what any of those shiny agents say, or how many neon lights they plaster over their “Landlords wanted” signs.  They don’t really care about you or your property.

love u


13 Random Things You (Probably) Never Knew About Moscow

27 May

 1. Moscow gets really, really hot

moscow is hot

2.  Muscovite women wear the sexiest, uber cool shoes EVER!!!

hot shoes (more…)

Is NOW A Good Time To Buy Property In London?

22 May

So I’ve been trying to buy a little pad in central London for a while now.  You may remember the whole saga I had last year of the flat in Bloomsbury where I got outbid by a Hong Kong investor.

I didn’t want to bore you with all the stuff after the auction action – but a lot of stuff happened.  Well, that’s a slight over-statement – a lot of stuff happened – but nothing actually happened, if you get my drift.

The truth is, I went to see a lot of properties, but none of them fitted my criteria.

The other half grew exasperated as I grew more determined in my search.  And more selective.  In the end I had narrowed my hunt down to seven-odd streets.


That’s what I told the other half he lacked as he tried to widen my Rightmove search tool to include Mornington Crescent and Camden.  I slapped his hand hard from my laptop and gave him “the look”.


An Elephant Property Development: The Jumbo Water Tower For Sale (Vlog)

19 May

The Jumbo water tower in Colchester, Essex has got to be the most elephantine property I have ever viewed.

It is colossal.

It is immense.

And surprisingly it is a Reverse Tardis!  Yes, it may be toweringly magnificent – but inside?  Well, I can tell you now floor space is at a premium – which is going to make any sort of conversion or development incredibly costly. 

What would I do with this gigantic water tower?