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Why A Dozen Strangers Probably Also Have Keys To YOUR Home

new property adventure

Getting the keys to your new property is terrifically exciting.  A new property means a new start – a new adventure and a new home…

But how many other people have keys to your new home?

Have you ever considered that?

Take a moment to think about who has a set of keys to your home.

Even if you’ve bought it – are you sure the estate agents don’t still have a spare set lying around somewhere?  What about the solicitors or the gas engineer?

If it’s a rental property it’s likely (and preferable) for the landlord to also have a set…but what about the previous tenants or the former owners – and maybe their friends and family – or maybe their agents or tradespeople?

Exactly how many people (aka strangers) may potentially have a key to your home?

strangers in your home

And do you really want all these people who you don’t know to have a set of keys to your new home?

No. I didn’t think so.

And that is why the first thing you should do when you take ownership of a new property is to make sure the locks are changed pronto.

Before you move any stuff in and before you get comfortable – make a call to a locksmith and get the locks changed.  It’ll probably cost less than one hundred pounds and you’ll be able to sleep safely in the knowledge that only the people who should have a copy of your keys, have a copy of your keys.

And I know you probably think I am being OTT – but you never know when a previous occupier may decide they want to get back in…

force door

Just today I’ve been informed by a neighbour that a tenant who left two months ago was seen trying to get back into his former rental property.  I have no idea why.  The tenant gave me notice he was leaving a while back and that was that.  The keys were returned, but as a matter of course, I changed the locks.

If I hadn’t – this former tenant would’ve gained access to a property he was not meant to be in.  Now I don’t know the ins and outs of what he was doing.  And maybe he just forgot some mail and it was extremely important – which was why he jumped the back wall and tried to use his old key to get in…

Anyway I don’t want to be casting aspersions.

The fact is – no new tenant would want to suddenly come face-to-face with a previous tenant who had let themselves in with a key.  And I doubt you would want to come face-to-face with somebody in your new home with somebody else who had a key.

So do yourself a favour – when you get a set of new keys: change the locks!

  1. Simon Topple

    My experience of this was pretty bad.

    I bought a new rental house, and fully renovated it and let it.

    A previous agent who had managed it was bought out by a larger one, and subsequently (nearly a year after me buying it) the new agent let themselves into the house for a viewing.

    They then insulted me to my tenants by saying I was obviously greedy, as I wanted to have two lots of tenants living in the house. Not entirely sure how that would work.

    Livid doesn’t even cover it.

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