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Want To Get Down And Dirty With These Properties?

29 Apr

Christina Aguilera may have known a thing or two about getting “Dirrty” but I’m sure as hell she didn’t get her marigolds anywhere near this Dirrty lot of properties!

But, if you can put up with some grime to earn a dime – maybe you’ll “clean-up” with one of these “dirt-cheap” Lincolnshire lots! (more…)

Why A Dozen Strangers Probably Also Have Keys To YOUR Home

23 Apr

new property adventure

Getting the keys to your new property is terrifically exciting.  A new property means a new start – a new adventure and a new home…

But how many other people have keys to your new home?

Have you ever considered that?

Take a moment to think about who has a set of keys to your home. (more…)

WTF? My Tenant Pretended To Be ME (The Landlord) And Sub-Let My House!

16 Apr

Kick Me

Being a landlord means you have to put up with a lot of weird shit.  And you have to accept much of this weird shit as normal behaviour in the course of being a landlord.

Fundamentally I think having tenants changes you as a person.  I think it’s called “Tenant-Hood”.

But still, I have to admit the email I received recently did cause mild surprise to me – even on my Tenants-Do-The-Strangest–Things-Richter-Scale

Here’s the email:

Hi Sam. (more…)

5 Pant-Wettingly Divine Auction Properties

9 Apr

My jaw hit the floor when I saw these awesome properties going to auction.  And I found myself salivating…and incredibly lustful.

Go ahead – drool and dream! (more…)

6 Incredibly Cheap Ready-To-Go Buy-To-Let Bargains

2 Apr

London and the South East may be experiencing astronomic growth with multiple buyers chasing single properties, but get out of the M25 and there are plenty of bargains to be had.

Here are 6 incredibly cheap Buy-to-Lets soon to be sold under the hammer.  All are tenanted meaning you can hit the ground running and collect your rent from day one! (more…)