WOW. That Was One MEGA Awesome Book Launch Day!!!!

You know sometimes in life you build things up so much, that they cannot possibly meet with your expectations?

I truly cannot believe what an incredibly special and awesome day my book launch was.  It exceeded every expectation I had ever had.  I felt truly honoured to be surrounded by so many family, friends and industry experts who I admire.  I am so grateful and happy for everybody’s support.

It truly was the most awesome day.

Words cannot express just how incredibly happy I am.  But I hope the photos show you 🙂

The Book Signing at Savills Property Auction, Mayfair

The Live Auction Book Launch Party

We played “Auction Roulette” – the audience randomly picked from a hat which auctioneer and which lot would be sold next – just seconds before they took to the rostrum.  We had 8 property auction gods – and me!  Yes, I took to the rostrum and sold a lot myself!  We had much banter, much showcasing of auctioning talent – and much bidding.  We raised £2790 for St Mungo’s.

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