Yippee! What Sam Saw Today Shortlisted For PrimeLocation Blog Awards – Now I Need YOUR Vote!

Exciting News

BIG THANKS to everybody who nominated me in the PrimeLocation Blog Awards *blows kiss*. Out of hundreds of entrants What Sam Saw Today has been shortlisted for ‘Best Blog’ and ‘Best Blog Post’!!

*Delighted face*

However, now I really need you and your votes (and anybody else who you can convince to click a button next to What Sam Saw Today) for Best Blog and Best Blog Post.

It takes just two seconds – and those two seconds would mean SO much to me and I would be eternally grateful (even if I don’t win I’ll still love you for pressing the button and voting for me!)

Vote for What Sam Saw Today in the PrimeLocation Blog Awards

Voting ends on 31 March – but there’s no time like the present – press now and vote for me *pretty please*

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