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4 Problem Properties With Profit Potential?

28 Mar

Auctions offer a huge variety of properties for sale – but some of them can come with problems.

Problematic properties offer an opportunity for you to fix the problems and potentially make a profit – but you always have to balance the risk to reward.

If you’re looking for a challenge and want to try and make a few bucks, here are some properties which may have profit potential.

But remember: Do thorough research before you bid.  (more…)

WOW. That Was One MEGA Awesome Book Launch Day!!!!

25 Mar

You know sometimes in life you build things up so much, that they cannot possibly meet with your expectations?

I truly cannot believe what an incredibly special and awesome day my book launch was.  It exceeded every expectation I had ever had.  I felt truly honoured to be surrounded by so many family, friends and industry experts who I admire.  I am so grateful and happy for everybody’s support.

It truly was the most awesome day.

Words cannot express just how incredibly happy I am.  But I hope the photos show you 🙂 (more…)

YIPPEEEEEE!!!!! It’s Book Publication Day

20 Mar

how to buy property at auctionFinally after a ONE YEAR wait How to Buy Property at Auction is now a proper published book and available at all good book stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Bursting with excitement*

Like any expectant parent I have been busily anticipating for, and preparing ready the arrival of my baby.  So I have:

a) A rather unique trailer for the book: Sam’s Awesome Auction Pie (more…)

7 Awesome Buys For YOU To Make The World A Better Place

16 Mar

So it’s just one week to go until the Live Auction Book Launch Party which will see the top property auctioneers in the country battle it out to raise money for St Mungo’s.

The generosity of the companies involved has been overwhelming – and I am truly grateful for their support.

I support St Mungo’s because life doesn’t always go according to plan.  In fact, when you’re busy making plans – life happens.

Shit happens.  Even when, or maybe especially when, you least expect it. (more…)

Yippee! What Sam Saw Today Shortlisted For PrimeLocation Blog Awards – Now I Need YOUR Vote!

13 Mar

Exciting News

BIG THANKS to everybody who nominated me in the PrimeLocation Blog Awards *blows kiss*. Out of hundreds of entrants What Sam Saw Today has been shortlisted for ‘Best Blog’ and ‘Best Blog Post’!!

*Delighted face*

However, now I really need you and your votes (and anybody else who you can convince to click a button next to What Sam Saw Today) for Best Blog and Best Blog Post. (more…)