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To Repair OR Replace: What To Do When The Boiler Goes Wrong?

27 Feb

plumber landlord callIt’s the phone call from the plumber that every landlord dreads.  It starts with the line:

“I’m really sorry to say…”

But I am going to have to royally fleece you for a wad of cash…although you may feel better about this situation if I were to tap you up for a bit more dosh and rather than the expensive repair I could do (which may in the end prove to be uneconomical – who knows how long it will last for…how long is a piece of string?), you can instead be the kind purchaser (although not user) of a brand-new spanking boiler.

Or words to that effect. (more…)

Does Your House Suffer From D.H.N.S?

25 Feb

I don’t know about you – but I love house names.  Give me a Manor House over 6 Drudgeland Terrace any day!

And given how we love naming and labelling every part of our lives, it’s surprising not more houses don’t have their own names.

But house names – like people’s names (and pet’s names) are evocative.  Names have meanings – and even if we don’t consciously mean to do it – we can’t help but conjure up different images for what a Penelope would look like vs. a Shanazza or a Wayne vs. a Quentin.

Names have visual iconography attached to them.  Expectations, even. (more…)

When Is A Hobby Not A Hobby?

19 Feb

That is the question I am pondering today.

I’m mulling on this having been interviewed as an expert on blogging *cough*.

Vino in hand - Sam shares her blogging tips

Vino in hand – Sam shares her blogging tips

Now I have to confess, I do not see myself as an expert.  I am (as Wikipedia terms it) a hobbyist – that is: “Anyone who does an activity solely for fun”, otherwise known as an amateur from the French for “lover of”. (more…)

OMG My Book Baby Has Arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Feb

So here it is – here is my published book:

My Book Baby!!!

My Book Baby!!!

It arrived today via a UPS courier.

This now means I am a published author OMG!!!! (more…)

Buyer Beware: How Google Can Uncover Surprising Property Secrets

6 Feb

caution at auctionCaveat Emptor meaning ‘Let the buyer beware’ is a well-known phrase when it comes to buying property at auction.  It’s not meant to scare people – it’s more of a cautionary note to do your homework before you bid and buy.  That’s because when you bid on a property at auction – you are committing yourself to the purchase.  If you’re the lucky bidder and the hammer has fallen, you’ve exchanged and bagged yourself a property at the hammer price.  It’s that simple.