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Up For Auction: A Trio Of Cornish Loos, A Collection Of Churches And A Munitions Store!!!

29 Jan

The variety of properties sold at auction is staggering.  This week sees plenty of choice if you are looking for a property with potential – or something just a little bit more alternative.

Fancy A Cornish Loo – Or Three?

cornwall loo for sale

Guide £5,000

cornwall loo for sale

Guide: £10-15,000

cornwall loo for sale

Guide: £5-10,000







With guide prices as low as £5,000 these former public conveniences offer light relief for those looking for a cheap property with potential.  Grab your rose-tinted specs and *imagine*.  And if you need prompting for what you can do with these loos – check out this amazing loo conversion in Norfolk (more…)

Prime Location Blog Awards 2013: Will You Nominate Me? (Pretty Please)

26 Jan

The Prime Location Blog Awards 2013 are open for nominations and I would feel extremely *loved up* if you could take one minute to nominate me. (more…)

How To Buy Property In London For Less: Sub-£100k Properties At Auction

23 Jan

You know London is expensive – you don’t need me to tell you that.  But buying at auction can offer some bargain places in the Capital.

Admittedly, at sub-£100k you’re not getting a mansion pad in Belgravia or a swanky, swishy apartment – however these properties do offer an affordable entry point to the *hot* London housing market. 

£60k For This Eastern Delight 

cheap london property

110B Montpelier Gardens, East Ham, London, E6 3JF


Want To Know What It’s REALLY Like To Buy Property At Auction (And Meet Me?!)

19 Jan

OMG I am so excited I have almost wet my pants!!!

Yes, I am in *that* state.

I don’t know how you get when you are in *that* state, but for me, I’m like a 5 year old who’s guzzled a 10 litre barrel of full-fat coke while cramming Haribos into their face and refuses to sleep.  Ever.

If you’ve got kids, you’ll understand.

So why am I like this?

Well – I have my first book signing of How to Buy Property at Auction – and it’s going to be held at a REAL LIVE property auction in London on Monday 24 March!  Savills property auction in Mayfair, to be precise.


How The F-Word Made Me Sign With A Literary Agent

14 Jan

Do I need an agent?

It’s a question which bewilders many writers.

The same cannot be said for the world of property – if you’re looking to sell or let – agents are the de facto choice.  ‘Do I need an agent?’ is not a question you ask yourself – you just choose which agent to instruct to sell or let your property.

And it’s interesting to compare the differences in how agents are perceived between the two worlds.  In simple terms: property agents are reviled, whereas literary agents are revered.  Literary agents command a demigod status, estate agents can only dream about! (more…)