Oh My I Have SOOO Much To Tell You! (Spoiler Alert: I Have Another Book Publishing Deal)

I have been *extraordinarily* busy – so busy it’s like trying to ram 64gb of data into your 16gb hard-drive.  And it splutters.  It cannot believe how much you are trying to load on.

publishing deal

But I say: I want MORE!

So what am I talking about?

Well, in the interests of building suspense and, because I don’t want you to get overly-excited with so many presents to unwrap all-at-once, I am just going to tell you one thing at a time – and the other bits – well, we’ll leave those for another day…

So Today’s BIG News:

I have just this moment submitted the entire manuscript for book number TWO.

Yes, you heard me right – I have now written a SECOND book!

And I know, I’m sorry, I should have told you before about the second book publishing deal, but there was always so much other stuff going on which I needed to tell you about.  

So I’ve waited.

But I can’t wait any more – if I don’t tell you then I think I may just burst.  And that would be messy.

So yes, you remember when I told you I went for lunch with the publishers of my property auction book in October? (It was the day when I tried to go for the whimsical Carrie Bradshaw look but with the autumnal showers ended up looking more like a deranged Jack Torrance from The Shining)   Well, the reason for that meeting was because they wanted to ask me to write a second property book.

I wanted to write in detail about this lunch-scene to convey the ‘awkwardity’ (not a word but should be) of this meeting, however I don’t seem to be able to do it justice.  So I’ll just give you a brief overview:

“Sam, we’d like you to write a book on Buy-to-Let”

“No.  Buy-to-let has been done and I have nothing new to add.  I want to write a different property book on the essential rules of property investment.  I want it available next summer and I want more creative control on the cover”.

In a nutshell, that’s what happened.

And then I wrote the book.

And now I have pressed the ‘Send’ button and sent the book to the publishers.

And now I cannot wait for you to read it, because I know I’m being modest *blush* , but it I think it is rather AWESOME!

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