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Happy Holidays Everyone: The WSST Vietnam Christmas Edition

25 Dec

As most of you are now tucking into your Christmas dinner, the time difference here in Vietnam means we are about to tuck ourselves into bed!

I hope you are having a wonderful time with lots of gifts, laughter, love and fun.

In a departure from my usual posts, today I thought I’d share with you some moments of my Christmas in Vietnam – not a country which traditionally celebrates Christmas – but the Vietnamese do it in style!

I just loved this couple of make-shift Christmas dolls; I’ve nicknamed them Mr & Mrs Christmas

Mr & Mrs Christmas


Oh My I Have SOOO Much To Tell You! (Spoiler Alert: I Have Another Book Publishing Deal)

20 Dec

I have been *extraordinarily* busy – so busy it’s like trying to ram 64gb of data into your 16gb hard-drive.  And it splutters.  It cannot believe how much you are trying to load on.

publishing deal

But I say: I want MORE! (more…)

Why Buying A Home At Auction Should Come With A Life Warning

14 Dec

What is the point in making a decision if you’re not going to stick with it?

That’s the question I am pondering today…as I find myself viewing this property:

auction property

I know you’re probably looking at this 1960s monstrosity and thinking: WTF? But, let me share with you: it’s a 4 bed detached, not been touched for years, on a premier street in a sought after area and has potential written all over it when you wear a pair of rose-tinted spectacles – oh and you can smell the money in the air. (more…)

My Frivolous Friday Auction Property Feature: Hallswell House

13 Dec


Fancy a slice of the Downton Abbey life?

How about Halswell House in Somerset – a magnificent Grade I Listed mansion believed to date back to the late 1600s. (more…)

Supersize Homes Under The Hammer (aka Bloody Big Buildings For Sale!)

10 Dec

Property auctions offer a huge variety of buildings for sale – and if you want BIG –  like massively, monstrously, mammothly big – then this is it!

Here’s a bitesize selection of the biggies on offer – so if you’ve ever fancied a Herculean development project read on:

Theatre Royal, Hyde, Cheshire

theatre for sale