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How Do You Know When It Is The Right Time To Sell A Property?

12 Nov

Timing the property market is incredibly difficult.  It’s always easier after the fact to pinpoint particular highs or particular lows.  That is why hindsight is 20/20 vision.

uk housing bubble

At the moment it would appear we are in the makings of a bubble, or maybe we are in a bubble.  Prices are racing ahead, demand is high but supply is low which is boosting prices even further.  Areas of London are seeing record breaking price increases – and apparently these rises are even rippling out to other areas of the country.  And, let us not forget there are still areas of the country where prices are way below their 2007 peak – some are even cheaper than what they were 10 years ago!

But, how do you know when to sell a property or when to hold on? (more…)

My Frivolous Friday Auction Property Feature: Michael Jordan’s House

8 Nov

This Friday my frivolous property auction purchase would be:

The NBA Star And Greatest Basketball Player of All Time Michael Jordan’s House: Legend Point, Highland Park, Chicago, IL, USA

“Why?” I hear you cry…


“Greatness rubs off”…Watch and drool!

* * * Update * * *

This auction has now been postponed with no new time or date given!

Why You Should Always Buy Property In Areas Where You Feel Safe

5 Nov

I don’t own a flak jacket.  There are times when I wish I did.

Today was one of them.

I knew the property I had selected to view was not in the most salubrious part of London.  In fact, it is right next to the Aylesbury Estate which according to Wikipedia is “the most notorious estate in the United Kingdom”, where “crime is highly prevalent in parts of the estate with the Guardian newspaper recently reporting a crime taking place every four hours”  

Now, you may be wondering why I had chosen to view such a property (aside from the opportunity to see Cops with Cameras being filmed first hand).  Well, the fact is, the Aylesbury estate is due for demolition and the area is set to be regenerated.  I know these things take years and having been to the area previously but decided not to get out of the car, I thought I should visit again to see how things have come on. (more…)

My Frivolous Friday Property Auction Feature

1 Nov

This Friday my frivolous property auction purchase would be:

Silver Cloud, Overseas Estate, Stoke Fleming, Dartmouth, Devon, TQ6 0PJ

silver cloud estate

“Why?” I hear you cry…

Because…*drum roll*

I reckon the chance to build this elliptical waterfront home could totes be my ticket to meeting Kevin McCloud!