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My Frivolous Friday Auction Property Feature: Get Fit And Get Rich

29 Nov

Forget signing up for the annual gym membership which you know you’ll never use and forget to cancel the direct debit on.

Buy Total Fitness in Liverpool instead.

total fitness for saletotal fitness for saletotal fitness for sale


I Want To Be Alone: Hermit Homes Under The Hammer

26 Nov

Anti-social neighbours are a ball-ache.  They interrupt your sleep, ruin your life plus they devalue your home.  So if your neighbours are getting on your door-knockers and you need to be neighbourless – take a peak at these three “Hermit Homes” being sold at auction.

Corriehichon, Inversnaid, Stirling

stirling property for sale


My Frivolous Friday Auction Property Feature: A Twitcher’s Paradise!!!

22 Nov

Forget Miley Cyrus and her (albeit legendary) Twerking, today we’re Twitching UK styley with my Frivolous Friday Auction Property purchase of:

Holton Heath National Nature Reserve, Poole, Dorset


Twitch-it Baby!



Ask And You Will Receive: How I Knocked £100s Off My Landlord Insurance Policy

19 Nov

I hate this time of the year.

It’s not that Christmas is around the corner and I am having to ready myself for the onslaught of jovialness which comes with mammoth gift-buying or the scabby all-too-heard Christmas ‘melodies’ without which the season would not be complete.

No. (more…)

My Frivolous Friday Auction Property Feature: A Train Set And A Gentleman’s Club!

15 Nov

This Friday I am feeling *so* frivolous I have chosen TWO properties – yes, it is a DOUBLE FUN FRIDAY!!!!!

First up, my Numero Uno is NOT an auction purchase – but just how awesome is this:

Your own train set!!! (aka Norham Station)

norham station nor7 nor5 nor4norham train station for salenorham station for sale