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OMG!!! This Is A Loo With A View

29 Oct

I am nosy.  I’ll admit it.  I cannot walk past an interesting building without pausing to take a closer look…

Which is how I managed to find myself in some former loos on the promenade in Sheringham, Norfolk.

The poor tradesman who I accosted was quietly trying to have a sneaky fag-break until I strolled along and interrupted his peace.

And demanded a full tour.

And would you believe it, without any prior planning or knowledge I ended up in some public toilets which had been sold at auction two years earlier.

This is what they looked like before:

sheringham loos


My Frivolous Friday Property Auction Feature

25 Oct

This Friday my frivolous property auction purchase would be:

9 Newcastle Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L15

john lennon house for sale

“Why?” I hear you cry…

Because…*drum roll*

I could just ‘Imagine’ owning John Lennon’s first home!

* * * UPDATE * * *

John Lennon’s first home in Liverpool sold for £480,000 at auction (apparently to an anonymous bidder from the USA!)  P.S The guide was £150k+


Is “Void Mortgage” A New Dan Brown Novel?

23 Oct

Glancing through the latest Allsop property auction catalogue, my interest was piqued when I saw a modern three bedroom house with a guide price of just £80k. As the sun was shining I decided to pootle over to Suffolk to take a look.

Now, while I could tell from the photo the property was modern, what I didn’t expect was to find myself on a brand new housing estate. Yes, despite my disbelief in the sat nav (although it’s very rare my Tom is ever wrong) the property which was up for auction was in fact on a brand new Taylor Wimpey housing estate.

new housing repossession

Now, I have to say that is pretty unusual when it comes to auction properties. Council estates are par for the course – but new builds – nope they’re not really the usual stuff of auctions. (more…)

How To Buy Unsold Property At Auction

17 Oct

unsold auction property

If you’re one of those people who tend to avoid buying property at auction because:

a) you don’t trust yourself and think you may be tempted to sell your knickers on eBay to get a final bid in;

b) you think property auction prices are so *hot* you as may as well save the rubber on your shoes for doing something useful, like propping up a bar, or;

c) you haven’t got a clue how to find a property auction even if you had TomTom in your right hand,

Then this blog post will help you. (more…)

Don’t Buy A Property In Bulgaria Without Reading This First

15 Oct

Bulgaria – it’s the land of 40p a pint beer and hundred pound houses.  It’s enough to make you book your flights now.

But, hold up – remember the saying: “If it sounds too good to be true…”

So let’s look at the truth of buying in Bulgaria and get some hot insider tips.  As I’ve yet to buy a Bulgarian bolthole, I interrogated New Estate who are leading estate agents in Bulgaria for their local expertise.

You Are Not A Lottery Winner

Buying property in Bulgaria