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WTF Do West Bromwich Building Society Think They Are Doing?

26 Sep

It is not my fault the property market collapsed.

It is not my fault market conditions have changed.

It is not my fault West Bromwich Building Society cannot run their business prudently, efficiently and competitively.

So why West Bromwich Building Society, do you think you can pin the blame on me and the other 6,000-odd buy to let borrowers who took out a mortgage with you?

Why do you think you can now change the rules? (more…)

The Pros and Cons Of Letting To Tenants With Pets

24 Sep

First off, I have to admit I have had mixed experiences of letting to tenants with pets.

If I’m honest I have had some complete humdingering bloody nightmares of letting to tenants with pets.  I won’t recount the stories at length – but they include such delights as:

  • A one bedroom flat which required the floorboards stripping, disinfecting and brand new carpets throughout after the tenant allowed their cat to p*ss everywhere.
  • A single female elderly tenant who has turned into the cat woman.  Literally.  I have no idea how many cats she has, I just know that before this tenant moved in I used to think the gas hob was where you cooked – not where you should place litter trays!
  • A dog which was so ferocious we could not conduct any inspections for over four years. (more…)

SCREAM If You Want To Go Faster!!!!!!!!! (Or If You Want To Escape From Hell)

19 Sep

When I was younger, I used to fancy fairground boys.theme park for sale

It wasn’t so much for their looks (my mother brought me up with an unnatural disdain for unwashed hair and dirty fingernails, the latter bordering on the fringes of fetishism) it was for their freedom.

Every year, out of nowhere, the fairground used to roll into town – and with it – the boys and rides galore.  In my case, those two were separate.

To me the fairground symbolised freedom.  It was a hedonistic seeking of fun and an abdication of responsibility for a cherished clutch of time.  And it was filled with the glorious scent of candy floss.  And music so loud it made your heart literally *throb*.  It would catch in your throat and make you want to scream:


Why You Should Be Scared Of Freeholders

17 Sep

So I started this morning by checking the unsold lots at auction. Unsold lots can be a great source of after auction property deals and in most cases the reserve price is disclosed – meaning you know what you can buy the property for.

I happened upon a split-level two bed flat with a car parking space in Kettering which had a reserve of just £30k. Now I know Kettering is not the most exciting place in the world, but a two bed flat for just £30k is too cheap. Plus, it looked like an interesting industrial conversion located close to the town centre. A comparable property was on the market for £75k and research suggested the rental could be around £400-450pcm. (more…)

How My Holiday Turned Into A Multi Million Pound House Hunt

13 Sep

So you know how the story goes: you go on holiday and start to ponder about staying on holiday.

Before you can say “Dos cerverza por favor” you find yourself lusting in an estate agent’s window.

Which is how this adventure started.  Kind of…

In truth, it started with admiring the flower arrangement from the balcony:

marbella property