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7 Property Investments You (probably) Never Knew You Could Buy

Property auctions are fabulous hunting grounds for the sheer variety of property they offer.  Here’s 7 alternative property investments which will soon be sold under the hammer:

1.  E.T Phone Home…

Guide: £45,000

telecoms mast for sale

Every home should have their own telecoms mast – especially when it’s producing £7021.46 per year.

For more info: Network auctions

2.  Fill Me Up, Bill

Guide: £225,000

service station for sale

A petrol station, convenience store AND a vehicle repair workshop.  Life could not get any better.  But it does: currently rented for £30,000 per year.

For more info: CPBigwood

3. Tie Me Down, Knot Me Up – But Don’t Forget To Pay!

Guide: £5,000

toll house for sale

It may be derelict and overgrown, but who can resist a canal-side redevelopment opportunity of this Former Gauging Stop and Toll House.

For more info: CPBigwood

4. I’m NOT Dead Let Me Outta Here

Guide: £20-25,000

cemetery for sale

Worth it for the comedy value: A former Cemetery Depot located on Mortuary Road!

For more info: Pugh

5. Wipe That Smile Off Your (Coal) Face

Guide: £60-80,000

Colliery Miners Institute

Disused and dilapidated, and that’s just the building.  But where there’s a will, there could be a way to make a goldmine from the former Welbeck Colliery Miners Institute.

For more info: Auction House

6. C’Mon Love, Get All Your Fresh Fruit Here

Guide: £115,000

the old market hall

Perfect rave venue.  If it were still the 90s.  Fortunately this Old Market Hall has got planning for 9 flats.

For more info: Pugh

7. Doctor, Doctor I Feel Like Buying A Surgery…

Guide: £115,000

doctors for sale

Here take the Kusum Medical Centre I’m buying a boat.

For more info: Pugh

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