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Inside The Most Expensive House Sold At Auction This Year (Outside of London)

Swanky family homes are not the usual fodder to be found in the auction room which makes this fancy mansion sold by by Auction House London a rather special sale.  Selling for a whopping £2,145,000 that’s more than Amy Winehouse’s house fetched (which IS in London) and it’s also the most expensive house to sell at auction this year, outside of London.

So what does £2,145,000 get you at auction?

This Sexy Pad:

Widdrington Place

Widdrington Place in Romford, Essex offers over 7000 sq ft of accommodation and 4 acres of gardens.

Internally it has a swanky staircase to sashay and shimmer down:

Widdrington Place

A cosy lounge to snuggle in (plus feature fireplace for barbequing sausages and marshmallows):

Widdrington Place

Equestrian stabling for your thoroughbreds:

Widdrington Place

And a pool house which wouldn’t look out of place in Marbs:

Widdrington Place

Which is why I’m hoping the producers of The Only Way Is Essex will get in touch with the new owner soon (who also happens to be a Russian multi-millionaire) because this place definitely puts the Sex into Essex!

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