Are Property People Evil?

31 Jul

Being told you sound like a pig-tail wearing schoolgirl* is one thing, being told live on air you’re part of a Satanic cult is another…

evil landlords

Just what is it about the British perception towards landlords and property developers: why are we so reviled?

If I sold strawberries for a living would you accuse me of buying up strawberries to sell while in the course of my business?  I doubt it, not if you want to buy strawberries for tea.

So why is it that people have such a problem with those who choose to make property their business?

Why is it that property is perceived as so damn personal that apparently the usual capitalistic rules should not apply?

It’s a question I am pondering – and one which I tried to rebuke – along with my opinions on Wonga, Starbucks and double yellow lines in my BBC3CR radio appearance on Roberto Perrone’s show.

But, what do you think:  Are property people evil?

Listen to the full programme here:  What Sam Said Today the business and finance feature starts at 3:02.23 it’s one hour long – but there is quite of lot of me…and at least I warm up after a while!

*Description of me from previous live radio appearance

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