Wouldn’t It Be Great If…? How Your Life CAN Be Different

1 Jul

We’re halfway into 2013 and I cannot believe how different this year has been!  It really has taken me by surprise how quickly you can change your life if you put your mind to it.

When I sold the letting agency at the end of last year I said: “I will start a new adventure”

Frankly in reality, I thought maybe I would have a sabbatical to get over the stress before I careened into something new.

Farmers Asleep in the Hay

But that didn’t happen.

I used my self-diagnosed “post-traumatic-business-stress” to focus and get on – like never before.

And it has really woken me up to what can be achieved when you Focus, Dream and Try.

That’s what I want to share.  Because my story is not unique – but I believe it shows the power of focussing, dreaming and getting on.

Vision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

And that’s the only thing which makes my year different.

This year I dreamed.  I dreamed a lot.  I imagined a whole load of things, which in reality if I sat down and had a “sensible” head on my shoulders, would never have happened.

Seriously, how could I actually write a whole book AND get a book publishing deal.  Seriously, how could I actually get my own column with the Evening Standard.  Seriously, how could I be nominated and win awards for my little blog.

I am not a trained writer.

But I dreamed of being a writer.

And I dreamed of being a writer who would get paid for writing.

Which is pretty damn difficult.

But, hey this is my dream…

And, you know what?

Dreams can come true: when you cast “sense” aside and you say: “What if?”

“Wouldn’t it be great if…”


And so that is how I have approached this year.  And that is how it has ended up being such a different year.

Don’t get me wrong, shit still happens – life does get in the way sometimes and it can be a struggle now I manage all my own properties – but when you take a different mindset – life and the world you inhabit really do become a different place: because you have made it a different place.

And maybe things won’t happen overnight.  It may look like all my writing success has come overnight – but let’s not forget I have been writing this blog for three years now – so it’s not quite *overnight*.  And it was never planned out like this.

But, what I have done differently this year is I have focussed on my dreams.  I have said “Wouldn’t it be great if…” and I have put myself out there and I have tried.

And so, all I want to say to you is please DREAM – don’t ever let anybody piss on your dreams.  Don’t “Get Real”, don’t think “Yeah, But…”

Anything is possible when you Focus, Dream and Try; but you HAVE to Try.

If you want the rest of this year to be different for you, then choose YOU.

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