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Are Property People Evil?

31 Jul

Being told you sound like a pig-tail wearing schoolgirl* is one thing, being told live on air you’re part of a Satanic cult is another…

evil landlords

Just what is it about the British perception towards landlords and property developers: why are we so reviled? (more…)

Monday Morning And The Court Papers Have Arrived: The Joys Of Property Ownership

29 Jul

Boy, do I love Monday mornings.

Especially when they start with a court summons.

Which is how my Monday has started.

Always a great start to the week: be in court at 09.45 on Wednesday 7th August for unpaid council tax of £915.10.

And it’s got a “lovingly” sketched swirly signature of some Clerk of the Court.  I can’t make out the name – “A Sweden” or something – but anyway, whoever the swirly signature is from, it is: BY ORDER OF THE COURT.

And I have to confess it looks pretty serious.  It’s not like one of those fake parking tickets you can buy on eBay to wind up your friends.  Nope, this summons looks pretty kosha. (more…)

Who Wants To Show What It’s REALLY Like To Be A Landlord (On TV!)

26 Jul


Century Films are looking to put together a character driven observational documentary on the real nuts and bolts to what being a landlord means – and what the property rental business is really like.  It’s planned to be a three-four part series for Channel 4 and Century Films are keen to show what goes into being a landlord on an everyday level. (more…)

A Property Project Of A Lifetime – So Why Am I Not Going To Bid?

25 Jul

Today, it has to be said, I am feeling a bit down.  And I am feeling a bit glum because later on a fantastic property project is going to auction and I am NOT even going to attempt to bid.

And I really hope I have called this right…

So what’s going on?

Well, last week I went to see a Mill for sale.  It’s located one mile from me and it has potential oozing from every beam and from every 1.25 acre which it comes with…oh and did I mention the lake? And I believe I may not have also mentioned the studios and the roundabout.

Yes, that’s how cool and amazing this place is:

Norton millNorton millNorton millNorton millNorton millNorton mill


How My Blog Got Me On BBC Radio

22 Jul

You know when I won the Prime Location blog awards for Best Blog and Best Blog Post I was absolutely chuffed.

And I was delighted when my local newspaper picked the story up from twitter and ran a feature

THEN today I have been interviewed by the Sony Gold Award winning radio presenter Roberto Perrone on BBC Three Counties Radio.

Now I have to admit, I do love talking at the best of times – but live on radio does make my voice go rather high pitched, my palms a little sweaty and my heart a little too beaty!!  Excitable would the kindest description of my performance… (more…)