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Why I Hate Other People At Auction

So it’s off to auction again today and I am fully prepared to be disappointed *Sad Face*

I blame it on the other people.

other people

I wish they would all stay away from the auction room and, for that matter, stop coming to view any properties I want to buy.  In an ideal world, the properties I want to buy would be available for ME to see on some sort of private auction network just for me and nobody else.

I think that would be the easiest way to get around the problem of other people at auction.

Of course, I would still have to gag and bind the people who try and bid blind in the auction room, however I feel a deft rugby tackle and locking them in the hotel toilets would probably sort that out pronto.

Or otherwise, maybe it would need to be some sort of face control on the door.  If other people look like other people who may want to try and bid on the property I want to buy, they would be denied access to the room.

And, I don’t mean to keep banging on about this, but there just is no polite way of saying it, or getting around it:  other people in the auction room are a problem.

**They are a BIG problem**

And I’m not being fatist, because it’s got nothing to do with a person’s size – it’s just the fact they are other people; and other people in the auction room are a BIG problem.

“Other people” in the auction room who are NOT trying to buy the property I want to buy are NOT a problem.  I’m OK with those “other people”, and in fact, I can leave them minding their own business and buying the properties they want to buy and which I do not want to buy.

And that would make for a happy auction room…for me.

The problem of other people only arises when the other people want to buy the same property as you – and they become especially problematic when they want to pay more for the property than you wanted to pay.

And that is always going to end in disaster and a great big dollop of fat, wet disappointment and a unwieldy sized mooning *SAD FACE* 

Anyway I am still going along today, despite the fact I have yet to convince an auctioneer to enact my face control policies, or set up a private auction network just for me.

Because, the truth is: auctions are auctions.  And you just never know how problematic other people are going to be…

*** UPDATE***

The property sold for £426k off a guide of £250k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Amanda

    haha… I am always wondering why people are bidding to such a high price that there is little or even no money in it while taking the risk buying at auction!

    1. Sam

      I agree, unless a property is particularly rare or desirable there should be a discount for buying at auction. Not only do you take increased risk, but in simple monetary terms money: is worth more today than it is tomorrow – and for that simple reason there should be a discount.

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