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Phew! This Book Publishing Deal Is Actually Real!

28 Jun

If I’m honest, for the past few months this whole book publishing deal has felt pretty unreal.  In February I signed the contract, in March I submitted the final manuscript and then…well since then I have just been waiting.

I have no idea what happens behind the scenes of a publishing company and so from my perspective it just kind of feels like a waiting limbo.  I know my publication date is Spring 2014 – but what happens between now and then – I have no idea.

Which kind of makes the whole process feel pretty unreal.

And then last night I attended the publishers summer party.

publishers party (more…)

An EPIC Buy To Let: Be Tesco’s Landlord!

26 Jun

Love ’em or hate ’em – you’ve got to admit being a landlord to Tesco’s, THE leading retailer in the UK, and the third largest in the world, is going to have some upsides. I doubt you’ll be able to to get any free grub or extra clubcard points, but Every Little Helps!

Being a successful landlord is all about picking decent tenants and as far as Tesco’s go – given they have a reported turnover of £41.981bn, a pre-tax profit of £2.126bn, shareholders’ funds £7.048bn and a net worth of £6.894bn (year ended Feb 2012) they sound like they will be able to make the monthly rent.

So how can you buy a piece of the Tesco Property Pie?

“YCDBSOYA” would be what Jack Cohen, the founder of Tesco’s would say – which is: “You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Arse”

So, on that note – get off your arse and get down to the auction room where these Tesco stores will soon be going under the hammer! (more…)

Conveniently Cheap Properties That Really Take The P!SS

24 Jun

You won’t have to spend too many “pennies” to pick up one of these former public toilets which are soon to be sold at auction.  Former loos may be an unusual property choice – but they can offer an array of alternative uses for a very cheap price tag!



Guide price: £5,000

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How’s This For Premier(ship) Auction Property: Crystal Palace F.C. Training Ground For Sale

21 Jun

I hold my hands up now: I know nothing about football – which means if I make a faux pas in the following it’s down to ignorance.  I swear.

But, disclaimer aside, I was intrigued to see The Crystal Palace Football Club Training Ground in Beckenham is up for sale.  Admittedly, it comes with a whopping guide price of £2 million – however it does produce a healthy income in excess of £200k per year, which I reckon will pay for a few kits and maybe even a leather football or two.  Plus, it’s useful to note there are full repairing and insuring covenants PLUS an Index linked Rent Review due in 2015.

So what are you actually buying?

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Why I Hate Other People At Auction

19 Jun

So it’s off to auction again today and I am fully prepared to be disappointed *Sad Face*

I blame it on the other people.

other people

I wish they would all stay away from the auction room and, for that matter, stop coming to view any properties I want to buy.  In an ideal world, the properties I want to buy would be available for ME to see on some sort of private auction network just for me and nobody else. (more…)