Please Can You Evict Me?

21 May

That’s what the text from the tenant said: “Please can you evict me”.

Like I am giving out some sort of f*cking sweets.

But, what do you expect when you rent to a benefit claimant who thinks the only way to get a bigger/ better/ improved house is to get evicted by their current landlord and go to the council complaining about said landlord to get a new house.

F*CK the idea of getting off your arse and getting a job and maybe even earning any money to get a bigger/ better/ improved house.

No – why bother.

That’s all too much like hard work.

I’ll just ask my landlord to “Evict me please” by text and then I can go running to the council and use tax-payers money so I can get a new place to live.

I am so disgusted it’s untrue.

So I just replied: “NO”

That was that.

Why should I incur hassle, costs and inconvenience so the tenants can get a new house for free and without doing anything?

The tenants have a perfectly adequate house and the council pay the rent on time and direct to me.

Why should I have to foot the bill even more for their errant wants?  I am already subsidising their lifestyle via my tax bill – why should I give even more?  It does not say “CHARITY” across my forehead – nor anywhere in my business description.

And what I don’t take kindly to is now the threats and bribery which  have followed my negative response:

“We have found another house we want to move to. Please can you just evict us”

“Our benefits are now going to be stopped anyway so please just evict us”

“Look just send us an eviction notice as they are going to stop paying the rent”

And this has made me very angry.

I am angry at the tenants I have and I am angry at the state of our country.  I have provided a good property, at a cheap price for these tenants to live in and call their own.  Their home.  But now that they’ve decided they want a new home, they want me to be the bad guy – me to be the nasty landlord who evicts tenants for no reason.

Well the reason is: You fucking asked for it!



Image: FuuFuuFuriFuriPupi

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