Let Me Go – I Don’t Love You Anymore!

10 Jan

estate agent tricks

So in the past 24 hours the estate-agents-who-did-not-sell-my-house-for-almost-FOUR-months have phoned me TWICE.

That is as many times as they phoned me in the entire time I was on the market with them trying to sell my house.

Now I am NOT trying to sell my house with them, they are calling me and emailing me like there is no tomorrow – which, of course, for them and me there isn’t!

At this point, I am reminded of the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” but it’s relevance to real estate feels somewhat tenuous.

So why are the estate-agents-who-did-not-sell-my-house now calling and emailing me?

Because they have the “golden egg”, they have what I have wanted all along…Potential Buyers.

Yes, apparently within the last 24 hours they have miraculously found TWO parties who are desperate to view my house and who they think will be *ideal*

One of them has even viewed it last year and now also wants to take her husband along to “have a look”.  Of course, it’s amazing that she wants her husband’s opinion now my property is NO longer being sold by the estate agent in question.

And of course, these people who want to view this Saturday are desperate to view and desperate to move

It’s just a shame none of this happened when the estate agents had an agreement with me that they would be selling my house


They waited until the magical moment when I had terminated the agreement to wheel out these would-be buyers to try and tempt me back.

Well I won’t be tempted.

estate agent dirty tricks

I won’t be tricked into this game of “we have viewers lined up who are desperate to buy”.

I will not be seduced.  I will not fall for the forbidden fruit being dangled in front of my eyes…

And I won’t fall for the trick of “Shall we tell these INTERESTED buyers that your property is now OFF the market”

Seriously, if these people actually want to buy my house, all they have got to do is go onto Rightmove and they will see I am still listed there.

Luckily for them, if they did actually view it last year then my house is now £5k cheaper – which has got to be a great January sale bargain worth buying!

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