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Who Will Give Me 1 Pound For This House???

I know there’s talk of a TRIPLE dip recession – but seriously these property auction prices are getting beyond a joke now.  It kind of feels like one of those shops which is always having a “closing down” sale – and yet it NEVER closes down.

So we have had the £7k flat, then the £6k flat, then the £2k house.

Today I bring you the house with the £1 starting price.  Yes that is £1.  That is like visiting Pound Land on the High Street and saying “I will have a house please in exchange for my princely pound”

So what’s on offer for this starting price of £1?

A 3 bedroom semi detached property in Grimsby.  It requires complete refurbishment.  Access for viewing could prove tricky given the door resembles a wall:

£1 property for sale at auction£1 property for sale at auction

Personally, I’m fully anticipating bid increments of 5p – maybe even 10p when bidders are really serious.

My maximum bid is £2.75 🙂

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