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Your very OWN chance to be STIG OF THE DUMP!

When you think of Eastbourne you think of 3 main things:

1. Little old ladies skittling along the promenade with their bouffant pale-blue hair and tie-dye scarves wrapped tightly around raisin-textured necks while holding tightly on to their fabric wheelie shopping trolleys packed to the seams with reduced priced bargains from the local Aldi

2. Hunched old men sat forlornly in their faded dapper clothing, with their sagging rhino-hide skin looking glassily from under their withered brows out of dirt-smudged windows onto a world that has changed “for the worst” and musing “how things were different in my day”

3. Decrepit, falling down amusement arcades with faded, rusted roller-shutters half hoicked up to let in the grey watery light which bounces off the grey watery sea and ever greyer, dirtier sand.

You don’t think to yourself: *business opportunity* (unless, of course funeral parlouring is your thang – then you’d make a killing!)

However, up for auction this month in Barnard Marcus is something different…

It is a Quarry.

But this is no ordinary quarry – as this has the potential to be a landfill site (and no, I am not suggesting the old people of Eastbourne are buried here!).

quarry landfill site for salequarry landfill site for salequarry landfill site for sale

Filching Quarry has a guide price of £250-300k and offers a total site area of approximately 4.6 acres (1.9 hectares).

The property comprises a parcel of land which was formerly utilised as a quarry and benefits from good vehicular access.  A planning application was previously submitted in February 2010, but subsequently withdrawn, for utilisation of the site for landfill purposes with a potential capacity for 680,000 tonnes.  A significant level of documentation was prepared for this application which a new owner may wish to re-instate and realise a significant value within the site through landfill purposes.

So if you fancy a new career in landfill – this may be for you – or at least you could always be (what you have always wanted to be) your very own STIG OF THE DUMP!!

stig of the dump

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