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Who Will Give Me 1 Pound For This House???

28 Nov

I know there’s talk of a TRIPLE dip recession – but seriously these property auction prices are getting beyond a joke now.  It kind of feels like one of those shops which is always having a “closing down” sale – and yet it NEVER closes down.

So we have had the £7k flat, then the £6k flat, then the £2k house.

Today I bring you the house with the £1 starting price.  Yes that is £1.  That is like visiting Pound Land on the High Street and saying “I will have a house please in exchange for my princely pound”

So what’s on offer for this starting price of £1?

A 3 bedroom semi detached property in Grimsby.  It requires complete refurbishment.  Access for viewing could prove tricky given the door resembles a wall:

£1 property for sale at auction£1 property for sale at auction

Personally, I’m fully anticipating bid increments of 5p – maybe even 10p when bidders are really serious.

My maximum bid is £2.75 🙂

I Told You I Was Trouble: Me And Amy Winehouse’s House

23 Nov

Recently, I’ve been posting a lot about the recession busting property deals you can find in the auction room…but never did I think this would apply to a celebrity house.  And when I say celebrity, I am not talking some Z lister has-been Coronation Street actor from the 1980s.

I am talking PROPER celebrity.  I am talking A lister.  I am talking Grammy Award winning superstar.  I am talking right up there with the best of the best.

Albeit, I am talking about a dead celebrity.  Which is why Amy Winehouse’s house is on the market.  It’s being sold at a property auction by the Executors.

Amy Winehouse house for sale

So what’s the story?

Well, this is THE house.  This is Amy Winehouse’s house where she lived and died.  This is the house where she was found dead in her bedroom on the 23 July 2011 with 3 empty vodka bottles.

With a guide price of £1.8 million that may sound like a star-studded price – but in property terms – it’s £400k cheaper than comparable properties in the area and a stunning £900k discount than what the previous estate agents had it listed for.

So what of Amy Winehouse’s house?

It’s a stunningly, beautiful property overlooking Camden Square, London, NW1

The security is OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD.  It’s 24/7 and it’s a bitch to get in.

Even with a pre-arranged viewing appointment booked days beforehand, I was messed about like no other property viewing I have ever been on.

The 11am appointment where we were met by a smiley agent soon turned sour within 10 minutes as this security guy and that security guy were unable to let us in.  Then the appointment was to be for an hour later.  And so true to form, we found a pub to wile away the time and destroy our ear drums with the bombardment of the heavy metal death rush blasting out of the boozer’s stereo system.

One hour later got changed to one-and-a-half-hours later.  Got changed to TWO hours later.  And then got changed to “maybe”

And it was the “maybe” that really hacked me off.

And then they tried to convince me to go another day.

I was going to go ballistic, but I kept calm and informed them politely the security issue was none of my problem, but the fact they have failed to deliver my viewing as scheduled was their problem and I wanted it fixed.

So the viewing was re-arranged for 4.15pm later that day, and I went into town for lunch with friends.

4.15pm and I’m back at the house.

The lights are on and I press the security buzzer and I am let in by the security guy.

A few minutes later and the auction guy turns up to escort me around the property – it’s a different guy from earlier and this one is clearly not having a good day.  I don’t know if I was in any way to blame for his mood, but the vibe was distinctly frosty.

So the viewing is quite a bit later than planned, with an atmosphere you could cut the proverbial knife through and me – the hopeful, excited potential buyer who can’t wait to get inside and view this bargain priced beauty.

Of course, given it was Amy Winehouse’s house I expected lavish, over the top – a real gem of a place to hold a raucous party.

I imagined to see a house which would match the glamour of Amy – I imagined I would see a house where you could clearly picture her tottering through the house on her high heels jiggling her puffed beehive hair and crooning her deep contralto vocals into her hairbrush.

I imagined to see a house which before-now would have been crammed full of celebrity friends and the site of the craziest parties known to man.

I imagined decadence and chandeliers which Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy used to swing from.

I imagined wonder, splendour, magnificence and grandeur…

But aside from my imagination and the history of the house and all the fun and tears that went before, for a house of this grand stature and beauty, not forgetting the £1.8 million price tag, I imagined an interior which would shout impressive.  An interior which would make me tingle with temptation and be prepared to sell my mother’s bones for horse glue.

I wanted and was ready for PIZZAZZ.

And the effervescent bubbly-ness I was expecting to feel as I walked up the steps to the front door, popped as soon as I walked in.

Yes, the house is modern and spacious and all the rest of those glib over-used estate agent adjectives.  But to be quite frank, the house is decidedly too modern.  It’s too cool.  It’s too clinical.

Personally, it feels like the period glamour of the house has had it’s guts ripped out and thrown down the Camden canal.

The fact is the HUGE grandeur of the exterior doesn’t carry through to the interior.  It’s not *special* in the way a house of this stature should be.  To my mind, the only thing special about this house, is the fact Amy Winehouse lived and died here.

Maybe it was different in Amy’s day?

Maybe when she lived here the house felt like the grand house it should feel like.  Or maybe, this was her home, and this was how she wanted it to feel.

But, enough about what I think – I know you want the inside photos – so here you go:

The tree outside 30 Camden Square is still a living tribute to Amy Winehouse

 amy winehouse house for sale

Inside the main security gates, there is a well tended and spacious front garden:

amy winehouse house for sale

Upon entering the property you are met with fresh white walls, dark wood flooring and a sweeping staircase:

amy winehouse house for sale

On the ground floor is a modern black finished kitchen with cream appliances and two SMEG fridge freezers which overlooks the front garden:

amy winehouse house for saleamy winehouse house for sale


The lounge is to the rear overlooking the garden and is dominated by the feature fireplace:

amy winehouse house for sale

The large garden feels lacking in privacy due to the incongruous glass building which would appear to be a rear neighbour:

 amy winehouse house for sale

In the basement, there is a room arranged as a gym (overlooking the garden)

 amy winehouse house for sale


And next to the gym, in the basement, there is also a cosy, state of the art sound-proofed room:

 amy winehouse house for sale amy winehouse house for sale


On the first floor there is a family shower room and two double bedrooms:

 amy winehouse house for sale amy winehouse house for sale amy winehouse house for sale

As you ascend to the top floor (second floor of the house).  There is a feature window overlooking the rear garden:

 amy winehouse house for sale


On the top floor of the property there is a huge master suite bedroom with a large en-suite bathroom with roll top bath.  Judging by the size of this room in comparison to the rest of the bedrooms, I can only assume this was Amy’s bedroom with en-suite

 amy winehouse house for sale amy winehouse house for sale amy winehouse house for sale amy winehouse house for sale

So now you’ve seen the photos inside for yourself – what do you think?

Buy Your Own Downton Abbey Estate For Less Than The Price Of A Semi Detached House!

21 Nov

You know you’ve always dreamed of being Lord or Lady of the Manor.

And now your chance is here: Hempriggs House is going to auction with a remarkably low guide price of just £225k – which is less than the price of most suburban semi detached houses!

Cheap manor house for sale

So what do you get for your dosh?

Well, for a lowly guide of £225k – you get this:

  • 20 en-suite bedrooms
  • Reception hall
  • 3 reception rooms
  • Kitchen
  • 2 boiler rooms
  • 2 wcs
  • Lift
  • 2 bedroom self-contained converted stable block
  • Garden store & extensive outbuildings
  • 136 acres of land
  • Shooting rights
  • Fishing rights along Loch Hemprigg

It needs work – here’s a sneaky peek of some of the interior:

Hempriggs house for saleHempriggs house for saleHempriggs house for saleHempriggs house for sale



This could be the project of a lifetime!!

So if you fancy being Lord or Lady of Hempriggs House check out Harman Healy who will be selling this rare beauty on 6 December 2012 (lot 86)




THREE Recession Busting Property Auction Finds: Anybody Fancy A 3 Bed House For £2k?

19 Nov

Everybody loves a bargain – and a property bargain – well that is even better.

So imagine my surprise when I found THREE stunningly cheap properties which are so damn cheap you just have to take a look

The first is a property in Belfast.  Admittedly, it’s Northern Ireland – but you know usually property in Belfast still costs more than many a Northern town I have come across (I’m not going to sling any more mud at the cheapskate Burnley terraces I have come across), because, today, this Belfast “beauty” really is an eye-wateringly LOW guide price.

It’s £2k.

Yes, you heard me – less than the cost of a decent holiday.

You can buy a THREE bedroom end of terrace in Belfast with a guide price of £2,000

Of course, I’m holding back on the photo – because you do need to see the property in question in it’s full glory.

And I’m warning you – it does need modernisation…and maybe some attention to the SEVERE fire damage which seems to have engulfed the property.

But remember it’s got a guide of just £2k – which is marginally less than a pint of milk at Waitrose.

belfast property for auctiont e

If you fancy your chances – it’s being sold by Must Be Sold (Lot 8) on the 5 December 2012

* * * * *

So the next property up for auction is a 1 bed flat in Kensington.  But before you get excited – this is Kensington, Liverpool…NOT London!

Anyway – at a NIL Reserve it’s probably worth a look…just pry open the boarded up windows and what you should find is a flat which comprises a lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

liverpool auction flat for sale

The auctioneers have yet to carry out an internal inspection – and it’s likely it will need some work (!) but with no reserve – who can tell what this will sell for…

If you have a crowbar handy and a pair of rose tinted glasses the property is being sold with Sutton Kersh on the 6 December 2012 (lot 54)

* * * * *

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a *real steal* – how about this buy-one-get-one-free offer in Cockermouth, Cumbria.

chapel cottages for auction

With a NIL reserve – you can buy, not one, but TWO Grade II former cemetery chapels.  Situated at the entrance to the cemetery these properties even come with a strip of land to the rear of the chapels AND a blinking big arch (although the Vendor remains a right of way through the archway)

cemetery arch for sale at auction

So if you fancy a BOGOFF property with a difference – get yourself to Pugh auctions on the 29 November 2012 (lot 1)


Your very OWN chance to be STIG OF THE DUMP!

13 Nov

When you think of Eastbourne you think of 3 main things:

1. Little old ladies skittling along the promenade with their bouffant pale-blue hair and tie-dye scarves wrapped tightly around raisin-textured necks while holding tightly on to their fabric wheelie shopping trolleys packed to the seams with reduced priced bargains from the local Aldi

2. Hunched old men sat forlornly in their faded dapper clothing, with their sagging rhino-hide skin looking glassily from under their withered brows out of dirt-smudged windows onto a world that has changed “for the worst” and musing “how things were different in my day”

3. Decrepit, falling down amusement arcades with faded, rusted roller-shutters half hoicked up to let in the grey watery light which bounces off the grey watery sea and ever greyer, dirtier sand.

You don’t think to yourself: *business opportunity* (unless, of course funeral parlouring is your thang – then you’d make a killing!)

However, up for auction this month in Barnard Marcus is something different…

It is a Quarry.

But this is no ordinary quarry – as this has the potential to be a landfill site (and no, I am not suggesting the old people of Eastbourne are buried here!).

quarry landfill site for salequarry landfill site for salequarry landfill site for sale

Filching Quarry has a guide price of £250-300k and offers a total site area of approximately 4.6 acres (1.9 hectares).

The property comprises a parcel of land which was formerly utilised as a quarry and benefits from good vehicular access.  A planning application was previously submitted in February 2010, but subsequently withdrawn, for utilisation of the site for landfill purposes with a potential capacity for 680,000 tonnes.  A significant level of documentation was prepared for this application which a new owner may wish to re-instate and realise a significant value within the site through landfill purposes.

So if you fancy a new career in landfill – this may be for you – or at least you could always be (what you have always wanted to be) your very own STIG OF THE DUMP!!

stig of the dump