Battle of the Estate Agents: Online Vs. High Street

12 Sep

Today I have decided to pit the wits of a High Street Estate agent against the technological and cheaper might of an Online Estate Agent to sell my newly renovated property.

So what’s the story?

Well you may remember I was hugely impressed with the service level and price offering of Hatched who are an online estate agent and who I posted about here.

In all honesty, I was not going to entertain the idea of using a High Street Estate Agent to sell the Stevenage property after the disastrous experience I had trying to sell my flat in London (and which ended with me sacking them, which I posted about here)

So what happened to change my mind?

Well, Alan from Geoffrey Matthew estate agents changed my mind.  He was charm and persuasion personified.  I am not a person to be easily sold to (otherwise known as a stubborn cow!) but Alan was just so persuasive and I couldn’t help but think to myself: Can I really just sell a property myself using Hatched as an Online Estate agent…or will Geoffrey Matthew do something more with their High Street presence and estate agency knowledge to sell my property?

The key objective is to sell the property for the most money in the shortest period of time.

But what is the best way to sell a property?

Can a High Street estate agent sell a property quicker and for more money as Geoffrey Matthew claim they can – or will it be cheaper, less hassle and better to sell with Hatched – as they claim they will?

There was only one way to decide – and you have to imagine this in the words of Harry Hill of TV Burp fame: “FIGHT!!”

And so the battle has begun.  It is an estate agent duel.  It is a real life challenge of online estate agent vs. high street estate agent.

estate agent fight

And I have informed both agents of my intentions.  Surprised would be one word to describe their reaction…But both of them were keen to take on the challenge and prove their worth and property selling ability.

Maybe I shouldn’t be conducting this online vs. high street estate agency battle in real life with a property I actually want to sell – but in reality, I can think of no better way than to understand what really sells a property than to compare and contrast – and create competition.

And so the property will be listed with both Geoffrey Matthew as a high street estate agency AND with Hatched as an online estate agency.

The price difference is HUGE: Geoffrey Matthew are charging me 1% of the sale price + VAT, Hatched are charging a flat fee of £199 + VAT upfront and £199 + VAT when the sale completes.  If we sell the property at £185,000, my bill to Geoffrey Matthew will be: £2220 (inc VAT) Vs. just £477.60 (inc VAT) if we sell with Hatched. That is a difference of £1742.40. It’s a whopping saving if Hatched can pull it off…but Geoffrey Matthew assure me they are “worth” their extra fee..Hatched beg to differ.

Time will tell.

Get your bets placed – and let’s start a sweepstake!

The instructions should soon be live….

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