Renovation Diary

What Sam Saw Today: Diary of a Property Renovation (Day 13)


I don’t know if the planets have aligned, I’m just plain lucky – or people are feeling the “fear” now I have booked the carpet fitting date! (7 and 8 Sept).

Anyhow, amazingly (and I am not knocking this what-so-ever!) my tiler managed to get to us a day early, my plasterer managed to get to us a day early and my kitchen arrived a day early!!! I’m liking this earlier-than-expected-business – it’s great for my timelines!

Heaven 🙂

With all the sudden excitement I forgot to “present” you a video – but true to my word, and this being a daily property renovation diary, I nipped back to the house to get you a progress report!

So here we are so far:

Until next time…

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