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What Sam Bought Today: Diary of a Property Renovation (Day 9)

So today’s post needs to be prefaced with a *WARNING*

And that *warning* is: no matter how big or small the property renovation, once you start work – you feel like you are hemorrhaging money. And I mean seriously hemorrhaging like you have slit your own wrists, cut your throat and slashed your intestines like some sort of deranged blood thirsty loon.


I mean it.

That is what REAL property renovation is like.

Financially, the whole process is completely front-loaded and from day one you are paying out for everything, and seemingly never-endingly.  If ever you wondered if you are single-handedly propping up the UK economy – then do a property renovation – because believe me – that’s what you will feel like you are doing!

So that’s my warning.

The solution?

Always have the renovation funds set aside in a separate account and easily accessible as you will be drawing on it almost every hour of the day.

This project is just a small renovation – but trust me – the never ending list of materials is well…never-ending!

Without further ado, here is progress so far (although you will note I have dressed up for the occasion…just need some polyfilla for my tired eyes!):

Until next time…

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