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What Sam Bought Today: Diary of a Property Renovation (Day 8)

Yippee – the property is now starting to take shape!

We’ve been fully re-wired, plasterer is due in tomorrow and the carpenter is booked to fit the kitchen next week.  I have opted for a kitchen from Magnet and I can’t wait for the Neff range to be delivered – this is to be my “piece de resistance” – along with my orange glass splashback.  I have also ordered a gorgeous kitchen tap and ummed and arrhed for hours over whether I wanted a stain finish or polished finish sink – satin finish has won me over in the end!

In terms of other news: the electrician needed us to remove the wardrobe as a socket was located behind them and he needed access.  When I replied the wardrobes were staying his face said it all – but he reinforced his *disgust* with:

You have got to be joking – you are keeping this huge brown 70s monstrosity?”

To which his apprentice boy chipped in:

“You can hardly fit anything else in this room and they look awful”

Well – that was that.  The wardrobes have gone. And I am pleased.  And I am thankful for their unabashed honesty!

OK so there is still a shed load of work to do – but we’re almost on the home run – and now is the time when you really have to roll your sleeves up and paint, paint, paint!

This is also the time when any schedule slippage has a massive knock on effect – so *fingers crossed* the plasterer, tiler and carpenter all keep to the schedule as advised.

Here is progress so far:

Until next time…

  1. Chris

    Hi Sam,

    Just come across your blog/vlog and as someone who is looking to start renovating properties I love the honesty displayed and level of setbacks and how you deal with them all.

    It did make me laugh when I realised I was painting when the leaf woman was on the radio!

    Looking forward to seeing how the renovation finishes off.

    Could I ask what the plan for post-renovation is… back on the open market or rental market?



    1. Sam

      Chris, thanks for your comments. You raise an interesting question which has just been the topic of dinner tonight – will post later as dog tired right now 🙁

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