Renovation Diary

What Sam Bought Today: Diary of a Property Renovation (Day 7)

Setbacks, setbacks and setbacks.  That’s how I would describe today!

Dimi was taken ill (one man down) and the plasterer is delayed until next week (two men down).

I have soldiered on (yes, play that violin very loudly and squeakily for the one woman still standing!)

Me and the radio had a good day: I partook in an interesting debate on the Jeremy Vine show (although he had a stand in, but can’t remember the name), I’ve had Steve Wright in the afternoon and his “factoids” – did you know that a cow has 800 different blood types or that a rat is the animal which can last the longest without water??  I’ve done Simon Mayo and his confessions – and I forgave the leaf woman with the car obsessed husband…

You can tell I have been on my own all day – with just my radio and my paintbrush…and a whole lot of work needing doing!

Anyway, I have made some headway, here’s the latest:

Until next time…P.S. I am having a couple of days off site as I have to attend to other business matters – but will be back soon!

  1. Rich Greenland

    Sam the best way to deal with an uneven ceiling like that is to simply slap another layer of plasterboard under it, screwed to the joists with longer screws. Gives a nice smooth surface to plaster to. You can just slap it straight onto artex or even poly tiles and save yourself the bother of removing them.

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