What Sam Bought Today: Diary of a Property Renovation (Day 7)

23 Aug

Setbacks, setbacks and setbacks.  That’s how I would describe today!

Dimi was taken ill (one man down) and the plasterer is delayed until next week (two men down).

I have soldiered on (yes, play that violin very loudly and squeakily for the one woman still standing!)

Me and the radio had a good day: I partook in an interesting debate on the Jeremy Vine show (although he had a stand in, but can’t remember the name), I’ve had Steve Wright in the afternoon and his “factoids” – did you know that a cow has 800 different blood types or that a rat is the animal which can last the longest without water??  I’ve done Simon Mayo and his confessions – and I forgave the leaf woman with the car obsessed husband…

You can tell I have been on my own all day – with just my radio and my paintbrush…and a whole lot of work needing doing!

Anyway, I have made some headway, here’s the latest:

Until next time…P.S. I am having a couple of days off site as I have to attend to other business matters – but will be back soon!


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