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What Sam Bought Today: Diary of a Property Renovation (Day 4)

Hot, sticky, steamy…and a little bit disappointing.  That’s how I’d sum up Day 4 of my property renovation!

It’s been 32 degrees outside –  but it must have been closer to 50 degrees inside my kitchen…as I had the wallpaper steamer plugged in for most of the day.

All wallpaper and tiles have been removed from the kitchen – and the the units can now be removed – however we can’t remove all of it as we need to keep the kitchen sink for access to water.

Maybe it’s me, or maybe it was the heat – but everything seemed to take longer to do…and so it seems progress was slower.

I’m disappointed that my great “freecycle the garden” idea doesn’t look like it will pan out.  I had several interested freecyclers round who were tempted by the idea of free mature hedging, conifers and shrubs.  (I laughed so much when somebody thought I was offering a “mature hedgehog”!) But, alas this idea doesn’t look like it will work as everybody is put off by the “matureness” read “hard work digging it out” – so basically the garden renovation looks like it’s now firmly back in my court.

I have NO idea how I am going to get rid of the 10ft conifers – or how I can even get close enough to have a proper look with the huge spiky hedge which blocks the way.  I have looked at buying a chain saw – but feel unless I want to re-create scenes from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre I should probably avoid the purchase of this!  A mini digger has been proposed (not in budget – yikes!), but we have since discovered we don’t have the access necessary to get one to the garden.  I think I’m going to have to find some big, burly blokes with raw man power…now that will make an interesting search in google…think I’ll turn the Parental Guidance OFF!

Here’s a round up of day 4:

Until next time.

    1. Sam

      Hi, thanks so much for your kind comments. We visited Bucharest a few years ago and thought it was wonderful (although at that time there seemed to be a bit of an ex-pat bubble which was making the market over-heated in our opinion). We also visited the People’s Palace – which is quite some engineering feat!

  1. Jonathan

    Get a mattock or grubbing adze – they are perfect for pulling out trees as they will chop through the roots pretty easily, especially if you sharpen them.

    It’s still tough work though – going to take a while to do.

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