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What Sam Bought Today: Diary of a Property Renovation (Day 1)

We have just completed the purchase of our latest auction property – which I wrote about here – it’s the one which I viewed and exchanged on in under 3 hours (and yes, the one where my decision that a stripey staircase would be the *bees* was my tipping point!)

I got the keys and was about to start work – and then I thought to myself: “Why not share this experience with you?” – yes, that’s you, dear Reader.

But, I decided this time rather than just writing about my experiences – why not *show* you what I am doing – and so I decided to record you a Vlog (that’s a video blog, not some sort of disease!)

It wasn’t a planned filming – you’ll be able to tell I don’t have any of the taken-for-granted filming requirements – such as a script (!), hair and make-up (!!), or any proper recording equipment (!!!) – but, the iPhone is a modern miracle!  The rest, you’ll have to forgive – but this is real.  This is the real diary of a property auction investor – warts and all!

So here is the *grand* tour of the project:

Till next time…

  1. Julie

    Sam, the beginning is promising. However, I nearly died of curiosity and impatience, as it felt like I was spying through a keyhole) Do you think The iPhone can pull off a widescreen version of property adventures? Or it will be a talking head show then?

  2. shell

    I just wondered how many people were working on this in order for you to do things like stripping the wallpaper of the whole house in a couple of days and the painting

    1. Sam

      Hi, it was myself and the better half doing the more unskilled manual work of stripping out/ decorating (he likes the break – he’s normally an IT contractor!)

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