The Secret History Of Our Streets : A Property Lover’s Must See

I don’t really watch a lot of TV and so programme recommendations are not my “thing” (well apart from Homes under the Hammer – but that’s because I’m addicted to property auctions!), however I have been watching a series on BBC2 “The Secret History of Our Streets” and I felt I just had to share.  This is a great series and I don’t want you to miss out!

Admittedly, it is more London based – so perhaps will appeal more to those people in property who know London, however I think this series is absolutely fantastic in both it’s historical, cultural and present day analysis of property and people.

“The Secret History of Our Streets” uses as it’s focal point Charles Booth’s epic survey carried out in 1886, which mapped the social conditions of every street, every house and every family in the whole of London.  The survey took 17 years to complete and Booth colour coded each street, from yellow for the ‘servant keeping classes’, down to black for the ‘vicious and semi-criminal’.

The programme, with the aid of Booth’s maps, returns to certain streets to see how life and the people in these areas have changed over the course of 125 years.

What is absolutely fascinating about “The Secret History of Our Streets” is to see how areas change, how residents change – and how this affects property in the area – for better and for worse!  It really is a fantastic watch for anybody who wonders about property trends, how areas can be regenerated – or for that matter how areas suddenly lose their shine.

In the first episode they looked at Deptford High Street, and in the second episode they explored Camberwell Grove.

And the beauty is – you may have missed it – but with BBC Iplayer making the unmissable, unmissable you can watch again at your own leisure via their website (or iPhone app).

Here are the links – hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The Secret History of Our Streets: Deptford High Street

The Secret History of Our Streets: Camberwell Grove

And if you want to put a date in your viewing schedule for “The Secret History of Our Streets” it is on a Wednesday at 9pm BB2

  1. Sue

    I loved Camberwell Grove last night too! THANKS for the link to the other one! Will watch w great interest!

    Check out the bridges on BBC3 too!

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