1. rich greenland

    Yes it creates a dangerous situation where you might deposit some funds for use later, for instance to pay a mortgage. Aldemore help themselves, then YOU end up in default. Not very helpful. Stick it under the mattress, it’s safer!

  2. HMOlandlady

    I agree – pop it under the mattress/behind the microwave/in the washing machine or where ever it can’t be found (don’t put it in the oven though). I’d trust my tenants with my hundred quid more than a bank. However, be warned: I STILL can’t find one tenant’s rent I collected last week and hid in a “safe” place – probably find it if I ever move house!

    I thought 2012 was the year the banks were going to be taught a lesson?!

  3. Nick

    I got raped by Capital Home Loans (who I believe are a subsidiary of BoI). These companies may well discover that the long term damage to their reputations will cost them more than their short term gain in the credit crunch.

  4. Sam

    Crazy, crazy situation!

    We think other countries are corrupt – it’s just in the UK we legalise the theft by big corporations!

  5. independent financial adviser

    It’s good to see someone checking the fine print on the savings account. Incredibly, so many people get ‘done over’ by banks charging for early withdrawal. Best piece of advice i could give is use these savings comparison websites (google “savings comparisons”) and research it thoroughly before you commit to an account. And always read the small print!!

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