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The Broken Bungalow In Blean

Today I went to see a bungalow in Blean, which is just outside Canterbury.  It was situated in a desirable village which was popular with university professors and lecturers.  It had a guide of £125k and I thought it sounded cheap. So off I went to take a look!

The bungalow was situated at the end of a long overgrown drive:


It was a 1960s built affair which was rather ugly – but “of it’s time”


Within the garden it had a huge collection of sheds…!


The interior, while cosmetically challenged in some areas – was in good condition:


And, as is so commonly found in repossessed properties – there was a dark blue room!


But what really struck me was the size of the garden. It was huge! It was a mammoth building plot!!

And so I did my calculations and worked out that I would tenant the property while I applied for planning with a view to demolishing the bungalow and replacing it with 3 houses…until I then saw the cracks:


OK, I decided – this isn’t too bad – I’m planning on demolishing it anyway – so the cracks will help me along.

Until the surveyor stepped in and advised that a ground stability report was required…but with just 24 hours before auction there was not enough time.  And so I decided to leave my broken bungalow in Blean to continue it’s cracking journey without me.


  1. rich greenland

    Hi Sam so you are back in UK then? I hope you had a cracking time!

    Anyway this doesn’t look too bad. It’s been there since the ’60s so probable worst case you build on a concrete raft foundation for the 3 houses. Assuming you get planning of course. If it was me I’d look at the planning history on this one, and also the area to see what is likely to be accepted.

    If no planning then considering the age probably its repairable but likely to keep needing minor repairs in the future. I’d probably have bought it – if it was cheap enough!

  2. Sam

    Hey Rich – Thanks. Yes it ended up going for a lot more than guide. I had anticipated paying for the bungalow with a view to repairing it and making a small profit and the possibility to get planning was the cherry.

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