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The Latest Bathroom Trends – Thai Style

In many auction properties I come across I find a rainbow selection of bathroom suites – all of which “need” to be replaced with a contemporary white suite to suit today’s modern tastes.  Lines are clean, and patterns or bold colours are kept to a minimum – if at all.  Neutral and white are king.

So imagine my surprise when I came across this bathroom shop in Thailand which is selling the latest fashion in bathroom suites – coloured suites!

Yes we have in brown – a nice, dark, chocolate brown shade toilet – just imagine the matching bath and sink that would go with it…

And we have in pale pink:

And as it’s a bathroom showroom – we have the pale pink toilet “in situ” so you can see how it may look against the patterned tiles which accentuate and highlight the pastel pink hues of the cistern

And we have a pale yellow toilet – again if we see “in situ” how this shade may look against yellow tiles you can really see how this may look in your home:

The sink selection is equally stunning – from pale pink, mushroom beige, chocolate brown to navy blue:

How bathroom trends differ across the globe!

Now I’m starting to think about exporting those coloured suites I’ve been ripping out from the UK properties – I could do a roaring trade out East!

  1. Sam

    I don’t think our tastes are superior – I find it interesting what we consider to be bad taste another country sees as good taste.

  2. rich greenland

    I can’t believe you have flown 8,000 miles to tell us about the bogs ha ha ha ha hah!!!!

    But seriously, from the late 70s to the early 90s who ever thought flares would come back into fashion? But unbelievably they did and I’m even wearing them now! It may well be that if enough of those old avocado, lemon-yellow and pink suites end up smashed in landfill, the remaining few will gain scarcity value and be highly prized as ‘original period features’ in homes of early ’70s vintage. They could become prized as collectors items and sold at a premium in antique shops through the land, with reproductions produced in Chinese factories for the European market. Thailand will be seen as in the vanguard of bogs and landlords will be ripping out those awful, plain white suites and installing bogs of a finer vintage.

    Or maybe not. God help us if that ever comes true.

    I hope you are having a wonderful holiday byeeeeeee!

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