Unusual Auction Property

Unusual Auction Property Lots!

You get used to seeing odd lots at auctions – chapels, conservative clubs and reservoirs aren’t that rare!

However, this month I have noticed a definite increase in unusual lots at auction and I thought I would share them!


Odd lot 1:


No rent AND the tenant is protected! Yes this bargain property in Southampton is let on a protected tenancy paying no rent! Oh and if you want to view – dream on – their rights are protected and the auctioneers note (in capitals!) PLEASE RESPECT TENANTS RIGHT TO PRIVACY AT ALL TIMES


Odd lot 2:

This unassuming chapel in Essex with a guide price of £135k just made me laugh – it’s the “Peculiar Peoples Chapel” Seriously – what a great name!  I just have to live here and change my name…Peculiar Sam, who lives at the Peculiar Peoples Chapel – just trips off the tongue 🙂


Odd lot 3:

This large corner building arranged as three residential units and offered with vacant possession was sold with NO RESERVE. It had a total plot size of (approx) 229 sq m (2,465 sq ft). This property was located in in the town centre of Könnern (Germany) with a population of approx 5,000. Konnern (in the auctioneer’s description) is “an attractive town with many cobbled streets and the majority of its buildings are well cared for”. The building sold this month for £2,000. Yes £2,000!

Odd lot 4:

Harrogate is an expensive area – but this is just crazy. Here for sale we have a hotel room (room 3003 to be exact). Located within a 4 star hotel this room comes with a plasma tv and a sofa – and is “an investment opportunity not to be missed” at a guide of £135,000 I think I’ll pass…so did everybody else – it remained unsold at auction!

Odd lot 5:


This recently constructed building offers an interesting investment opportunity – the “land” comprises the common parts of this completed development. So yes what you are buying is a hallway – now I wonder if the lease allows for me to fit a toll booth and maybe I could charge entry to the residents to access their flats?


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  1. jane skynner

    Sam – did we meet at Excel in Oct in bar in evening. I am looking for building plots for family homes in and around SW london – so anything you come across when you are looking – give me a shout. Finders fee always paid. Give me a call to discuss if of interent to you.

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