Today I Sacked the Estate Agents

8 Mar

Today I am pretty annoyed with myself. After all my to-ing and fro-ing as to whether to use a traditional high street estate agent or online agent (this was my post Here which sparked massive debate). I have ended up sacking the useless estate agents who have not sold, nor seem in the slightest bit interested in selling my flat in London.

It all started well – I chose the agents who sold my last flat in London a few months ago and who did a great job. Anyway, pretty much after I signed the contract (sole agency for 6 weeks) I realised that this was a different branch to the last branch who sold for me. And to be honest, they may as well have been a different company.

I returned the forms and sent the keys by special delivery. I had requested confirmation from them when they had the keys…this was not forthcoming  – I had to chase them to check they had the keys.

Details were produced…but nobody ever asked me if I was happy with them – I just happened to see them as I was browsing Rightmove to see if they had uploaded them yet. Yes – from the offset communication was non-existent.

After the property had been on the market for 10 days I called them to check how things were going and what the interest level was like…I kept trying to call, but nobody could help me. It took several emails before I got a reply. Well – if that was their attitude towards a seller who is paying their bill what are they like towards the customers who may buy my property???

3 weeks later and no viewings! I was alarmed – but more concerned with regards the agents than the actual property.  So there I am in Fuerteventura and they call me.

“You have a problem with you door and we can’t get in” I am told

Instantly I feel sick – I remember what happened last time the estate agents told me this – I had squatters!! I was beside myself.

It then turned out the girl who had gone to show the property couldn’t open the door properly…I was gobsmacked. There was me thinking opening doors is part and parcel of an estate agent’s job description! When I asked whether they had re-arranged the failed viewing I felt their eyes glaze over…in that minute I realised there was no hope. This was a lost cause. I was furious with them and with myself.

Now I know, past performance is not an actual indicator of future performance BUT I did think it stood for something! The key lesson I have learnt – estate agents are only as good on a branch-by-branch basis – never ever expect the same company to be the same in each office. They are run by different people.

So here I am stuck – I can’t sell my flat because I chose a bunch of imbeciles who aren’t interested in selling my property. So I have given notice (14 days) and I am now having to endure their uselessness until the expiry date.

On a positive note – I’ve stuck to the high street estate agent. I will not be put off – my reasons for going this route still remain the same. The next agent has called 4 times in 2 days. He’s as hungry as a bear who’s not eaten for months – and will not let go. Hopefully this time will be different….

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