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The Impact of Housing Benefit Cuts On Landlords – My Opinion On ITV News

Today was a whirl wind of activity. We’d had a hugely successful property networking meet the night before – which didn’t finish till we were kicked out of the pub at midnight! My day was pretty full before it had even started  – I had meetings with the council and the major contractor on site (our hand made sash windows they have installed in the building are the wrong size!), plus viewings and meetings with landlords and tenants. Then…11.30am I get an email from the NLA – would I appear on the ITV news speaking about LHA cuts in the West Midlands area.

Well before I knew it, I had said YES!

What followed was then a series of phonecalls from the NLA and the journalist briefing me, a barrage of emails with questions, stats and lots of info!  I felt woefully unprepared and when the journalist sent me the questions I quickly tried to gather my thoughts and answers as the camera crew were due to arrive in under an hour! Less than an hour and I hadn’t even time to do my make up!

Steve (who works with me) was fretting that I didn’t have a poppy.

“Sam” he turned to me with all seriousness “if you are on the news then people will be looking at you and judging your appearance. If you’re not wearing a poppy they’ll be more concerned that you’re not wearing a poppy than listening to what you say”.  How could I argue – I gratefully accepted his donated poppy!

We then set to with me trying to memorise my answers, re-writing, stumbling, getting in a mess and then…the camera crew turns up!

The camera is set up in the office (at Gorgeous Homes HQ) and as soon as I am meant to speak I stumble. My mind is blank and I just don’t know the answer to even my own name.

The camera man grabs my peice of paper off me “What’s this” he demands “You can’t try and say all that! We don’t have time for that!”

“Oh” I reply rather stunned

“Right just pretend you are down the pub with me and we are having a conversation and answer the questions I ask you” he orders

I try…but try as I might I am desperate to try and remember what I had written down and the points I wanted to get across.

He catches on and stops me.

“Look I don’t want you trying to remember or revise your answers – just try and be natural” He says

And so I get on with it.  It’s over within a few minutes.

I have no recollection of what I have said or if it is any good.  And so I have to wait till later to see it on the news….in the meantime our camera man is off to Derby to film Miley Cyrus – at last I have a claim to fame – we shared the same camera man :))

Here is my 15 seconds of fame: http://www.itv.com/central-west/housing-benefit74794/

  1. Sharon Crossland AIRPM

    Hi Sam,
    I enjoyed reading this. It reminded me of my (very) brief stint some months back.
    The whole thing took 2 hours for just a couple of minutes but I hope you enjoyed it. I know I certainly did.

    Bit disappointed that I’ve not been inundated with calls from Hollywood though! 🙂


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